waterfalls shader

i am testing different shadings in renderman for my waterfall-scene….
the new renderman for maya works very well with my new shaders….
a lots points particles and displaced primitiv.spheres…
here are few frames in motion with alles layer in one exr file…


smoke test

here is a little test with simple partilce-2d.sprites and the new renderman version…
the sprites render very fast and without clipping like the hardware render in maya… cool!

waterfall tests


long time… nothing to write… or i´m even too lazy….
currently i´m testing different render-packages fpr new fx-sequence, i´ll do next time.
this waterfall -testlayer… the setp was done in maya and the rendering was done in pixar´s renderman for maya (eval version as you can see the watermarks)
that´s about 300 000 particles …
its just a 1 of 6 layer for the waterfalls… wait for the final image :)
later, i ill post the result of other renders done in xsi and mental ray
check it out….
there losing a lots of details becouse of the jpg-compression…. but in exr-format and 4k its looks great ;)