Arnold vs renderman


golden ratio hexa fractals

exploring methid to create fractals in houdini and explore spline rendering in Pixars Renderman. RIS renderings of millions of spline is quite fast. Houdini also handle huge amount spline in almost realtime.



Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 9.57.16 PM.png

waterfall 2.5

finally, i had finished sets of the nodes in nuke for my waterfalls. i can change the look of the waterfalls in realtime and place it in the 3d space in nuke. so i can fly around in 3d-space and place so many waterfalls i want… the rendertime takes about 5 seconds in nuke (incl. displacments) with this different waterrfalls. (all created with same base-layer).

waterfall 3d to 2d to 3d

here is a little test…. the waterfall rendered by my toolbox in maya as texture and projected and displaced in nuke on a plane… it works for a couple of shots….. fast and easy…. good base for 3d matte paintings… for the closer shots into the waterfall i´ll need detail rendering direct out of maya and renderman