sphere deformer in openCl and Houdini

simple particle simulation with polar projection node written in Vex / openCL,it runs at 20fps on my MacBook.
using this formula from wiki page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stereographic_projection

(Houdini openGL rendering in 4k)


Maya fluids render methods comparison

rendering fluids as particles or software clouds in mental ray or hardware render buffer gives a lots more details the rendering the fluids itself. the best part you can use real 3d motionblur for fluid in Maya !.

ExplosionLibrary_018 ExplosionLibrary_017 ExplosionLibrary_016 ExplosionLibrary_015 ExplosionLibrary_014 ExplosionLibrary_013 ExplosionLibrary_012 ExplosionLibrary_011 ExplosionLibrary_010 ExplosionLibrary_009 ExplosionLibrary_008 ExplosionLibrary_007 ExplosionLibrary_006 ExplosionLibrary_005 ExplosionLibrary_004 ExplosionLibrary_003 ExplosionLibrary_002 ExplosionLibrary

rendering maya fluids with motion blur using particles part 1

rendering Fluids as dense Particle cloud is common practice. the Krakatoa plus for maya or 3dmax is based on this concept. even without this plugin, you render the particles as point in maya hardware render or as clouds in maya software renderer or mental ray. the advantance: fast render times and most important –> motion blur !

this how it the particles look like:

on the right side i switched to software clouds mode and used radiusPP over lifetime


just place the emitter over your fluids emitter

set up the particle shape and use mayafluids as flied: