concept matte painting

here is quick test for concept 3d-matte painting…
the concept-painting was created by a great artist at softmachine, my job was to transform the painting into 3d and add the waterfall in the background.

i´ve created a little mask for the painting and projected and displaced it on a plane with
nuke´s 3d-features to create a more dynamic 3d-feeling picture in the camera movement.

the waterfall created in 10 mintes with default-settings of my dynamic-scripts (maya and renderman).

and here the lowres video:

here is behind the scene of the stereo comp:


waterfall mattepainting WIP

here ia another wip… a screeshot form the squence in nuke. its a 3d-composting, the plan to get a nice moving camera.. its a nice project to level up my skills of the 3d-features in nuke…
anyway, animated displaced surfaces in nuke are rocks !

here is a quick preview video

night to day composit

i´ve playing around with a new software and the colour grading tools….
here is little tests making night to a day scene…
a quickt test (colourgrading and re-colouring) …. the codec makes artifacts,because the orginal material quality is too bad.


new gizmo’s for nuke

i have created new gizmo.
first one:lens distortion filter which zoom pixel like a loupe. and with some controls for glass lens distortion.there is also optional a simple loupe shading but is really basic, its beta
you can download it here or at

the scenond one: similar with the common node in apple’s shake. and i also added some extra controls for can download it here or at