retro Spaceship

i am starting a new series with models of scifi vehicles



attractor test



solarrun testshots

the first testshot for the short movie, ahich i am working on it (a space regatta)


this is also rendering from a shot but in poster format for teaser. there still same bugs to fix and lots of modelings an shading too do

space solarsailor B wip

modeling and shader tweaking still in progress… i need a lots of more details and huge size of spaceship is challenge the pointclouds for rendering. i a need buck-load of point, i will setup LOD pointclouds to speed renderings and PT creation time.

bowl of fruits lighting

for learning reason, i did a little lighting and shading test in modo601. i get the model from (free models created for lighitng contest).

i created all shader, ligthing and same texutres. modo have powerful renderer, but it needs a lot more feature missing to keep lighting artists life easier. there is lots creative issues to adress. specular on the bananas  are wrong etc…. if have time i work on it more and more etc….

sunrun look development

starting some concept modeling and look development for new short movie i have in my mind.

modeled in modo. same rendering are done in modo and same in houdini. i’ve decided to animation and rendering in houdini. the package have much more controls and mantra produce motionblur with no extra render time. this is a import factor because i am playing to everything on my imac.