maya effects outliner

its not always easy to find effects-related nodes in bigger maya scene files

this effects outliner shows only “effects”items and adds an handy dynamic Relationshipeditor botton.
(python script)
download it here

import maya.cmds as cmds
import math

# written ny Heribert Raab
# create outliner window with show only effect related item’s

#setup filter with nodetypes
filterDyn = cmds.itemFilter(byType=(‘fluidEmitter’,’pointEmitter’,’rigidBody’,’nRigid’,’fluidShape’,’nParticle’,’nucleus’,’particle’,’nCloth’,’rigidConstraint’))

#delete allready open effects outlines
renUI = ‘EffectsOutliner’
if cmds.window(renUI, exists = True):
def dynEditor(*args):

cmds.frameLayout( labelVisible=False,)
panel = cmds.outlinerPanel()
outliner = cmds.outlinerPanel(panel, query=True,outlinerEditor=True)
cmds.outlinerEditor( outliner, edit=True, mainListConnection=’worldList’, selectionConnection=’modelList’, filter=filterDyn , showShapes=True, showAttributes=False, showConnected=False, showAnimCurvesOnly=False, autoExpand=True, showDagOnly=True, ignoreDagHierarchy=True, expandConnections=False, showNamespace=True, showCompounds=True, showNumericAttrsOnly=False, highlightActive=True, autoSelectNewObjects=False, doNotSelectNewObjects=False, transmitFilters=False, showSetMembers=True, setFilter=’defaultSetFilter’ )

cmds.columnLayout( adjustableColumn=True )
cmds.button( label=’DynamicRelationshipEditor’, command=dynEditor)


houdini style in maya

bullet2qWith new Node Editor in maya (since version 2013) , it open up for new kind setup’s.  If you simple map attribudes of particles into custom locator, you are able to work more visual with expression in the node editor. it feels similar to houdini vex or VOP SOP network editors. its much smoother way to work, specially  if hand off rigs and setup to other TD’s. it was possinle to this kind setup in maya’s old grapheditor but the painful and slow. it redraws all connection at any change and with a complex setup it slow down your working speed.

rendering maya fluids with motion blur using particles part 1

rendering Fluids as dense Particle cloud is common practice. the Krakatoa plus for maya or 3dmax is based on this concept. even without this plugin, you render the particles as point in maya hardware render or as clouds in maya software renderer or mental ray. the advantance: fast render times and most important –> motion blur !

this how it the particles look like:

on the right side i switched to software clouds mode and used radiusPP over lifetime


just place the emitter over your fluids emitter

set up the particle shape and use mayafluids as flied:

motion vector for fluids in Maya / Mental Ray

a while ago, i did some tests for calculating motion vector from maya fluids and override the fluids color to render a motion vector pass in mental ray. i wrote python script and it work very well but the motion vector math in python took 15-40 minutes pre re.  on positiv side it works with all kind of renderer, even the old school hardware render buffer.

Th result itself was good, it Fluids looking much better in motion,  when they are motion blurred.

new old waterfall designer tool

i had time to optimize my rig for old project:
this is a quick demo of realtime preview of my waterfall rig. the volume represents the implicitly volume rendering in renderman. i used couds shape to show in maya opengl the size and opacity of the implicit volume (renderman).

here example of my expressions setup for faking air pressure:

this is a screen of my adjustable volume emitter for my waterfall rig. i can fit the emitter to edge of the rocks and adjust the amount of water on each position with a ramp:
i hope i can post a video with all “water-structure” feature of my rig.