fractal cube






sunrun look development

starting some concept modeling and look development for new short movie i have in my mind.

modeled in modo. same rendering are done in modo and same in houdini. i’ve decided to animation and rendering in houdini. the package have much more controls and mantra produce motionblur with no extra render time. this is a import factor because i am playing to everything on my imac.

AOV shading fun in houdini

i just had a little fun with particles and AOV renderings. i’ve cached out a simple particle simulation. after i’ve created a shader with different AOV output’s, like speed, density, pressure etc….
this shader can do a nice sparkling or glitter effect. the AOV are also visible in houdini opengl for realtime feedback. the best things is the spec color are baked into attr, so its fool-proofed for stereo rendering.

now i’ve played in nuke to create a interesting looking effect.


and same opengl feedbacks: