waterfall toolbox

i am finish my waterfall-toolbox in maya…. and i´ve got now a rendered sequence.
now i am trying to get my waterfall into a mattepainting…
here is the first wip…. i have to work on the waterfoam…
check the mov file


night to day composit

i´ve playing around with a new software and the colour grading tools….
here is little tests making night to a day scene…
a quickt test (colourgrading and re-colouring) …. the codec makes artifacts,because the orginal material quality is too bad.


Kaluka hina fish crowds

for this, i had only few rendered fishes as one layer. i´ve created the hole fishschool with one layer.
i had “reused” the same layer a lot of time and change color,speed, movements to create a believable crowd of fishes. in the final dome theater the crowd swim around the camera/viewer.

check out the shake tree