maya effects outliner

its not always easy to find effects-related nodes in bigger maya scene files

this effects outliner shows only “effects”items and adds an handy dynamic Relationshipeditor botton.
(python script)
download it here

import maya.cmds as cmds
import math

# written ny Heribert Raab
# create outliner window with show only effect related item’s

#setup filter with nodetypes
filterDyn = cmds.itemFilter(byType=(‘fluidEmitter’,’pointEmitter’,’rigidBody’,’nRigid’,’fluidShape’,’nParticle’,’nucleus’,’particle’,’nCloth’,’rigidConstraint’))

#delete allready open effects outlines
renUI = ‘EffectsOutliner’
if cmds.window(renUI, exists = True):
def dynEditor(*args):

cmds.frameLayout( labelVisible=False,)
panel = cmds.outlinerPanel()
outliner = cmds.outlinerPanel(panel, query=True,outlinerEditor=True)
cmds.outlinerEditor( outliner, edit=True, mainListConnection=’worldList’, selectionConnection=’modelList’, filter=filterDyn , showShapes=True, showAttributes=False, showConnected=False, showAnimCurvesOnly=False, autoExpand=True, showDagOnly=True, ignoreDagHierarchy=True, expandConnections=False, showNamespace=True, showCompounds=True, showNumericAttrsOnly=False, highlightActive=True, autoSelectNewObjects=False, doNotSelectNewObjects=False, transmitFilters=False, showSetMembers=True, setFilter=’defaultSetFilter’ )

cmds.columnLayout( adjustableColumn=True )
cmds.button( label=’DynamicRelationshipEditor’, command=dynEditor)


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